Sitka Bivy 30

Sitka Gear Bivy 30 Backpack
  • Item #: SB3
  • Manufacturer: Sitka Gear 2017
Price $349.00
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Some people thrive on going light. If that’s you, this is your pack. Built with enough room for the well practiced backcountry bivy hunter, the Sitka Bivy 30 hunting backpack is right up your alley. Built into the back panel is a removable sleeping pad, that doubles as a great glassing pad for rocky bluffs. Easy to remove lid allows you to decrease your pack into a manageable day pack. Standard features that are consistent with the rest of the Sitka line up: removable rain fly, tension frame, hydration system, hip pockets, water bottle pockets, and Aero mesh shoulder pads. This lean shaped, alpine inspired set-up has minimal pockets to reduce weight and force you to stay light on your feet.

Volume: 3000 Cubic Inches
Average Weight: 5.8 lbs.